Ultimate Advertising upgrade to Rent Now

Hi All,
Has anyone made the upgrade from Ultimate Advertising package to Rent Now?

I have done this but have been charged the full amount for Rent Now and not reimbursed. I have been emailing OpenRent but somehow they don’t seem to understand.
Has anyone had experience with this and if so, how was is solved?
Many thanks,

I used my “free” advertising credit from introducing a friend, but still got charged in full for the Rent Now, so the “free” advertising credit is worth absolutely nothing if you want to use Rent Now, and I would say actually discourages people from using Rent Now!

Thanks Cath. I think these experiences are good learning points. Hopefully they can improve service to avoid these issues.

Hi All,

Cath, thanks for the feedback, we are looking to improve the referral offer where a landlord is seeking to use Rent Now to ensure that it still offers a benefit.

Ali, I can see you have been in touch with our customer service team where we have explained that in order to benefit from the promotional pricing (£49) for Rent Now (£49) and Advertising (£29) it needs to be purchase when upgrading the advert initially.

This is also highlighted in the article you have posted: “To get our Ultimate Advertising service and Rent Now for a reduced price, you need to pre-purchase these as a package when listing your property.”