I want to use Openrent for contracts and rent collection only


I have used Openrent several times on the full Rent Now option and have always been extremely satisfied.

This time we have the tenant already found, someone we know and trust, but we would like to use Openrent for the Contract Creation , handling the deposit stuff and rent collection, as particularly with Covid it avoids the need for face to face contact to get all the legals completed.

So what I want is really Rent Now, without the advertising on Rightmove, Zoopla etc, and without paying for that as its not needed.

Is there any way I can do this without paying the full RENT NOW £49, as we dont want the advertising outside of Openrent.

I will gladly pay for the full package if that is the only way to do it, because this service is so good and efficient.

Thanks everyone.

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Please see the post about the drawbacks involved with the OP tenancy agreement. You may want to reconsider. See here: OpenRent Tenancy Agreement makes giving Notice harder

Hello Karen,

I believe the three options you are interested in,

  1. Drafting an Agreement
  2. Handling the Deposit
  3. Rent Collection

are all included in the “Rent Now” option see https://www.openrent.co.uk/rent-now

Paying £49 for a service that is good and efficient is worth it considering the £100s most landlords including me used to pay to dubious high street estate agents.


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Hi Karen, glad to hear Rent Now has been working well for you.

As you know, the price of Rent Now is £49. The price of advertising on the portals is £29. If you buy Rent Now ‘up front’ (i.e. when creating your advert, as opposed to when you have found tenants through your advert), then you can get advertising for free. That is, instead of paying for Rent Now + Ultimate Advertising, which totals £68, you just pay £49.

I hope that answers your question.

Once you create your free listing on OpenRent, you can invite the tenant to press the Rent Now button and begin the tenancy creation process as usual.

Here’s some more info:


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Thanks Sam,

I have already taken that option , and everything worked a dream. It was so easy to set things up with the pandemic, no need to meet the tenants etc to sort out the legal and financials.

It is on another account with you because the property I am renting is my mothers. She has gone into a care home and I have power of attourney, so I opened a new Openrent account as POA.

Thanks for your help

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