Unable to change Broadband/TV providers during move

Good morning all,

I hope you and your families are well and safe…I am writing as I am wondering if anyone can help with advice or if there is someone going through the same issue.

I am overly organised so I gave my notice to my current landlord 2.5 months ago and my last day in the property is 30th April. Whilst all this madness is on and as extremely hard to get viewings through, I managed to secure a property , getting the keys on 10th April, much earlier than planned which surely incurs double bills/rent for nearly a month.

My current provider is Virgin Media (been with them for 8+ years), after managing to contact them for the move, they advised that they don’t cover my new property and want exit fees of £169.

On the other hand, after trying to contact Sky/BY and Vodafone, they all advised that they aren’t able to offer new installations due to the virus.

I have been working from home for 10 days now…And I find myself in a situation where on top of all double bills, I will not only have to pay nearly £200 extra (even though I didn’t want to change providers and they are just unable to cover it) but also won’t be able to secure a new supplier and will need to rely to do my full time job through mobile tethering - I don’t see any other option.

Any help or advice would be great and much appreciated.

Thank you

Hi, maybe check out Three broadband, who used to be branded as Relish.

They basically post a router with a SIM in it (like a phone), so no install needed!


Thank you Sam, that sounds like an option.

I’n in a house of 3 people we use a Three 4G router and no longer have any landline.
It costs about £20 a month, 18-month contract, unlimited data and it works really well if you are in a decent 4G area. I keep mine in the loft for the best signal. The router has a network port so most devices are connected rather than use wifi, for downstairs I use a repeater.
Definitely worth looking at and best of all it’s not tied to an address, so when we go away we take it with us., which might be useful in the future.

Many thanks for your email Martin, this is very useful and helpful to know. Further to Sam’s email, I confirmed that they cover my new address, so this may be my solution for now. They have rolled out a new 1 month contract as well, which I believe would be to cover cases like mine. Thank you for your time and hope you and your family stay well and safe

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