Unable to process Referencing

So on OpenRent it states this…
“Our referencing process is set up to handle a wide range of circumstances including not being resident in the UK”

Yet the potential landlord has been told something different, receiving an email from the referencing team informing them that because I live abroad they can’t process any type of referencing on me.

And that my only option is to pay 9-12 months rent upfront, which is just impossible on my part at the moment. Why state you accept people from outside the UK but would need to request an alternative form, which I requested, to then come back to the landlord and state it can’t be done? Anyone have any solutions to this predicament, feeling let down, as I would rather of known from the start that living outside the UK is not possible to have checks carried out on.

Hi Caroline,

Rest assured, our referencing partners can reference overseas tenants, although applicants do need to have been resident in the UK for at least 6 months for a credit search to be carried out as part of the reference.

Please note that, due to the above, in your case the landlord will need to carry out a comprehensive referencing check on you, rather than a speedy check.

You can find more information regarding this here:

Please feel free to contact us here if you have any questions.