Tenant Referencing how does it work for foreign nationals


I’m just wondering what is required from a tenant who’s a foreign national.

My brother and his family are arriving in England on work visas. They would like to rent a 3 bedroom property. The landlord is on openrent and will carry out tenant referencing and I believe that the family would fail the initial checks since they don’t have initial credit history in the country and they ovbiously wouldn’t have been resident in the UK for more than 6 months.

I will be their guarantor, as a British Citizen, but I just wanted to know what other information would need to be provided, so we can prepare everything smoothly for the prospective landlord.

The family will produce their work contracts and visa and passport information as well as overseas bank statements, the share code you get from the right to rent website on gov.uk and will have their brp after a few weeks of arrival in UK.

What else do you all think would be required?

Thank you all!

I would say that your brother’s family is providing everything that could reasonably be asked for as well as you as a guarantor. I have had many tenants from overseas and it has always proved near impossible to fully reference them to the same standard as someone with a at least a few years of financial footprint in the the UK. Quite often, gut feel for the honesty and integrity of the tenant has a role to play. However, the key thing would be their employment contracts and verifying the terms of these. Consequently, once I am as satisfied as I can be, I will ask for up to 6 months rent in advance before moving to quarterly/monthly as the tenancy progresses and everyone has a better sense of the lay of the land.

Thanks for the tips we will bear that in mind!