Unfurnished flat - white goods

I am letting out a flat that is designated as ‘unfurnished’ but includes a fridge, cooker and washing machine.
I do not want responsibility for their repair as I’ve had experiences where they are simply not looked after.
Can I mention this in the Tenancy Agreement? Or can I provide an additional covering letter making this clear?

Yes, it is possible to contract out of maintaining white goods unless you have advertised the property or shown it as including them without making the maintenance position clear.

If you do go ahead, you will need to include something in the agreement about disposal/replacement if they are beyond repair.

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Thanks David.
“include something in the agreement” - does this mean adding statements within the Tenancy Agreement? Or a separate covering letter?

I’d add an addendum to the tenancy agreement.

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In the past I have added a clause to the tenancy agreement that the article was gifted and the landlords have no responsibility to replace or repair.