Tenants want fridge and washing machine removed


My new tenant has asked me to remove the fridge freezer and washing machine, as they have got their own but never told anyone before moving in. They would need to be disposed of as I have nowhere to store them.

The property is let unfurnished, but the fridge-freezer, washing machine and gas cooker are mentioned in the tenancy agreement as the items included in the tenancy. I am at least a little concerned I might end up having to repair or service their white goods given the agreement wording.

How should this be dealt with? I have to admit I am unsure how I am going to arrange disconnection/disposal or who should pay, and how they are going to connect the ones they have got with them.

I would refuse unless they were pretty old. They would have to store yhem somewhere safe and approved by me if ghey wanted to move-in their own.

Tenants often say we like the flat and will take it if……This is all part of the negotiation. If everything is signed and now they ask it does make it rather frustrating. Connecting a fridge freezer and washing machine where the old ones have been is not hard so I would not worry about that. Personally I would be able to find storage and despite it being a faff I would just get them removed. (goods not tenant!) Then just arrange a separate simple letter that you both sign saying that they have asked you to remove them and that they accept you will not pay for any repairs on their goods. Likewise you accept that they are no longer on the inventory. Then it should be fine.

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