Universal Credit Rent Arrears Help

Universal Credit Rent Arrears Help

My tenant has left at the end of her two year tenancy. I was paid directly by Universal Credit (in arrears). However the last payment has not been paid. My tenant has left but did not give any forwarding address and owes me almost £1000 - any ideas how I may recover these arrears? Her replies to emails are “just wait” and she left the property in a dreadful state. She was recruited via the local council, who now she has left and no longer on their books, seem to have gone extremely quiet. Any advice gratefully received.

do not take anyone from the L/A You cannot trust them to help

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Did you not take a deposit?

No deposit, this was to help the tenant who was staying in a hostel with her little boy. I thought I was helping someone, and sadly due to this experience I’m unlikely to do so again. Its the last UC payment she owes.

do not let heart rule head . we all have a hard luck story.

No deposit? Sorry, your fault then.

Reading this in '23.
Really hoping Lorna got her month of rent owed!

LA’s have the ability to provide deposit to the landlord. The tenant should have applied for a grant in order to provide the deposit. I would say, please don’t let that put you off. But if you were to assist LA tenants in future to insist upon a deposit grant direct from the LA before commencing a tenancy, and then UC to be paid directly to you.

Direct rent payment is extremely rare.

They have ability to yes, but the point is they don’t unless tenant falls into arrears, and even then it’s a fight and even then it can be reversed by the tenant!

There is NO adequate method for this.

Please stop saying this is a solution, it isn’t.

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As a UC tenant, I am speaking from experience. So yes, this solution is possible.

It’s possible in some authorities, not most.

Are you aware that it can be reversed at any time by the tenant?

Are you aware tenant usually has to fall into arrears first?

Direct payment offers little security if it can be reversed.

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a tenant can put a stop to a direct landlord payment So you need to STOP saying this is a solution

Hi Tammy,

This is many months after I posted, but yes, thank you, I eventually got paid the last month’s rent, not by the tenant but by the local council. Due to the damage the tenant had also caused they additionally paid me something towards repairs. It was a very unpleasant and stressful ending, but thankfully the local authority were very approachable and fair minded.

For those that commented on direct UC payment to the LL. This was put in place due to the women being previously homeless. However, when a payment was missed at the end of her tenancy, I did find it impossible to get any help from UC, so thank goodness for a decent local authority. Direct payments are definitely not the answer to everything as many of you rightly said.

Thanks to all for their comments.

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