Unsure if tenant is moving out after notice issued

Hi All,

I would appreciate some advice please from fellow landlords .
Tenant was issued a s21 2 months notice. During that period she has advised on two occasions that she MAY need to leave within the first month of the notice as she can’t afford to stay another month etc
Problem is it’s a waiting game as she hasn’t been specific, I have chased for a decision and also mentioned that I can be flexible to accommodate what she needs in the event that she finds she can’t leave within her suggested one month… which by the way is only 4 days away.
Of course it’s difficult for me to plan. Is there anything else I can do on my part or I should just wait and let things unfold . She has not paid the last months rent by the way. Thanks for your time.

I would tell her that I plan to sue her for any unpaid rent unless she gives me a valid notice to quit immediately.

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