Unwanted deposit scheme

My new tenant has been great so far and signed everything so quickly. She paid OpenRent the rent and deposit straight away. My issue is I already have a deposit scheme setup for another property and want to keep them in the same place. How do I stop OpenRent using their scheme and put it in the other Gov protection scheme?

Hi Timothy,

At this time we only support protecting deposits with MyDeposits custodial scheme. We have reviewed the options available and are confident that My Deposits are currently offering the best service for Rent Now.

We understand that it is often easier for landlords to keep all of their deposits in one scheme so any landlord with existing deposits with the DPS can transfer them to their new MyDeposits account, free of charge:

Otherwise if you wish to use a different deposit provider, I’m afraid this would not be compatible with our Rent Now process.

Kind regards,