Upcoming EPC changes

not tue about external cladding i have clad internally

An article in the Telegraph this week indicated the introduction may get delayed a year till 2026, as there is considerable concern about the cost of upgrading.
It’s only for new tenancies initially, introduction for existing ones is a bit later (2028?)
Unless it’s relatively easy to get a C, then we’ll be selling all D’s and E’s as they become vacant, though there may be government help forthcoming as it’s estimated that 40% of rental stock is D or less.

I don’t know about predictions but if they want houses available they need stop all this nonsense now. Or they will disappear to be sold off. Mine are all at a ‘c’ as is my own and if its good enough for me its good enough for anyone else. Sick of being got at and dictated to now and with the years we have left we can live quite nicely on the sale proceeds. Council and social houses don’t measure up to ours and are exempt from it all. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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There is unlikely to be financial support for landlords but if you do have tenants on benefits there are upgrades available for free under the ECO scheme(paid by energy companies)

Given where energy prices are and are going to it is often a good investment to improve efficiency. You will get better tenants who are willing to pay more rent and have lower maintenance costs as much less likely to get damp in an efficient building.

Where the costs of meeting required standard are too high (I think this is £10k or more) then i believe exemptions are available.