Useless website useless landlords

Whats the point in using this thing if landlords give properties away to other tenants before your viewing date and dont even cancel on you. Pointless website

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Applicant in ‘LLs are human too’ shock

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As an example, I marketed a property 4 days ago. I’ve had over 25 enquiries. I arranged 6 viewings, and now have 5 applicants.

In this case, I have honoured all 6 viewings, but in reality, I was happy with No 1, so could have just made the decision to proceed with them.

This might have disappointed the other 5, but the option could be that I waste their time with a viewing, when I’ve already got a tenant that I am happy with. Plus I’m potentially wasting my own time too, just to be polite.

Its difficult to weigh up what is best sometimes.

That said, I’d never not attend a viewing, and your Landlord should have let you know. Thats rude & impolite… but many tenants fail to turn up to their viewings… sadly.

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Mass shortage of properties due to government shafting landlords. Going to get a lot worse soon.


I thought that other tenants automatically get notified via Openrent if the property ceases to become available, even if there are viewing appointments scheduled for a future date? There’s a lot of competition for properties, and once a LL has found a tenant, then there’s no point doing any further viewings. It would simply be a waste of time for everyone. Best to get your viewing appointments scheduled as early as possible.

They are notified once a Rent Now application is accepted. I assume this stage hadn’t been reached in the above incident.