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Hi, I am new to the board and as a first time buy to let landlord. My wife and I really strong about keeping our details private. We are therefore going to use PO boxes and letting agents to create as much privacy as possible and protect our details. However, one area of concern is that we still need to list our name to the letting agent. We have no plans to be dishonest and will make sure the house is in a good state and any future issues with the house that we will be contactable through the agent. We have a unique surname and the property we bought is in very near vicinity which is why we wish to our names not to be shared publicly. Is there any advice if there are ways to protect our privacy as it is a small area we live in. Is it legal to use an alias on the tenancy agreement e.g. wife’s maiden name or is this against the law to use an alias?

I think it won’t be that simple. The tenant has a legal right to demand the name and address of the landlord from the agent, who has to provide it within 28 days ( see:A tenant's right to know his landlords address - and how to enforce it - The Landlord Law Blog). You would also probably need to register with the Information Commissioners Office, who publish the register on their website with name and address details. The tenant, (or anyone else) could also spend £3 and find the names of the property owners on the land registry website.

Thank you. I think you are right and if they really want to find us then they could. If anyone has any more advice to improve privacy, please let me know. PO box and using the agent is what I know so far

No you can’t hide your name or details. You are required to provide your details in the contract as the tenancy agreement is between you and the tenant, not the tenant and the agent. Hiding your name is pointless. The tenant can download your property title from the land registry and that has your name on it! Everyone can do that.

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I am 100% absolutely against this kind of thing. If I was a potential tenant, I would never rent from anyone trying to pull a trick like this. Don’t do it is my advice.


Being so secretive like this would ping my radar that you had something to hide, sorry.


Thank you all for the replies. I can see how that can look bad from the tenant perspective. We’ve never been landlords before and I guess our concerns steam from reading a lot of horror stories and TV shows about bad tenants and some showing up at night at your doorstep. This is probably rare but has scared us quite a bit.

Do not tell everyone straight off where you are. Or your phone number .You can vet people thru Openrent without doing this. until you have the final applicant

I have seen people buying in the name of a company. Potentially that might help?

Anyone can find out who owns a company from Companies House.

Sounds as if you’re in the wrong business if you want privacy :grinning: