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A question to landlords out there…my tenant has asked me for a new copy of the tenancy agreement that includes my address. I am quite a private person and would prefer not to share my personal address. What do other landlords do? I like the tenant and we have a good relationship but I do value my privacy.

It is a legal requirement for the LL to provide their address for the serving of notices. My understanding is that you can provide an email address although I believe you should also provide a physical address. If you use an agent it can also be the agents place of business.

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Look up

Section 48 Notices under The Landlord and tenant act 1987

What don’t you set up a box no ?

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all my tenants have my address but only one has been around for tea


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Thanks, I’ll look it up.

Be wary Colin, I had one round for tea, accepted his plea for some casual labour work, he jumped through a ceiling and broke his back and when he moved out 15 months later, I received a no win no fee claim for compensation. That cup of tea cost me £19,000…!

Happy New Year Colin and keep up the communication as I always enjoy your comments.


The one for tea was and is daughter in law


I believe it is a legal requirement and like you I am private however just think of the information a tenant has to provide us with. There has to be trust in both sides.

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Thank you. Yes you are right. Tenants do have to provide much more intrusive information.

What address have you used on the tenancy agreement. Happy to be corrected, but I thought you had to give an address for the TA to be valid.

I’m sure it’s a legal requirement

It’s only a legal requirement for the purposes of serving notices you could use a PO Box number or Buck house!

Hi Nemo,
likewise, your name/address is in the public domain on the ICO website (if you’re reg’d, as a Data Controller, as is required for processing tenant’s personal data). Although the Reg’n Ref. is required to do a search, so Joe Public can’t just search your details as a fishing exercise.

I have an email address at the moment

15 seconds with Google provides this info:

Under section 48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, a landlord of a residential tenancy is required to provide their tenant with their name and with an address (which must be in England or Wales ) where they can serve any notices on the landlord.

An email address does not meet this criterion so you have to find a way around this. Agent perhaps?

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I put my phone number and address in the common areas out of sight of the front door

That’s for an HMO presumably?

In buildings with 2 or three self contained flats in them So in the hallways i have the info. All my tenants are periodic and usually cannot find original lease. All have my mobile, this is is just an extra safeguard, may help emergency workers I have no HMO s Do not need the extra work !