Using rentnow without listing house

This is going to sound rather extravagant but how hard do you think it would be to use the rentnow system without actually listing the house.

I say this because we have a tenant (almost certainly) and we thought we might use the openrent rentnow to do the credit check and sign the lease and most importantly register the deposit with the scheme (always tricky to do yourself we find)

But we wouldn’t at this stage need to advertise the house…

Probably the answer is just to do a really terse listing and get the tenant to press the button quickly.

But I wondered if there was a more elegant way?


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Never mind I just listed it as a free listing with an automated description.

Still seem to have the rentnow button so I imagine once the tenant clicks on it I will be prompted to upgrade and will have neatly avoided ending up on rightmove.

Funny normally the rentnow button is rather annoying but for once their policy seems to be working my way :slight_smile:

I had the same situation, you need to purchase the rentnow package if you wish for Openrent to do checks and use their contract. Hope that helps.

Hi @zxcvbnm, glad you got it sorted :slight_smile:


I was in exactly the same situation when I and my tenants went through new contract signing upon renewal. I had to re-list the property and immediately put it on pause, so only direct link to the listing was working. Then I provided the link to my temamts and they click Rent now. That brief moment when the property was advertised was enough for two viewing requests. I had to apologies and reject the inqueies. It would be a nice option to be able to Rent now without re-listing the property to wider public.