Visiting/property checks

Once you know full well you have a superb, top notch tenant, who, without fail, keeps the house spotlessly clean, faultless and pays before the due date, do you ever decide not to check?

I have a tenant with a flawless history and whenever I have visited, have never seen a house so well looked after. If he decided to leave today, the next tenant/s could basically move in with no tidying/repairs needed.


That would be very foolish. There are many legal requirements where inspection gives you a reasonable excuse if youre ever prosecuted. Besides which, visiting your tenant helps maintain the relationship and show that youre interested in them and making sure nothing goes wrong for them with the property or tenancy.


Thank you.

Good advice.

I will keep visiting.


I have a really good tenant who has been looking after the place and paying rent on time. He can be late by a week but always says beforehand.

The last visit, he had stripped all the wallpaper off from downstairs without permission. It was a bit of a shock…only to promise to replaster and paint! (he is a builder by trade).
He has been there 6 years and considers the place his home, so if he wants to use spare paint to do the place up, why not.
So, I would recommend regular checks!

I am keeping up my checks.

All is 100% tip top.

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