Broken washing machine

Hi guys, so I moved into my property 13 days ago and since then the washing machine doesnt worked. I’m staying here for a year. I’ve contacted the landlord multiple times and have had no answer regarding fixing it. Ive reported the problem on oprn rent twice and still no reply. A washing machine is an essential and i dont know what to do. I was going to buy one and the. Take the price out of the rent or withold the rent u til its fixed. But i dont want any problems and i dont want to leave as ive spent £4000 to move in here and i dont have the finds to find somewhere else. What should i do

You need to start by looking back at the documentation that you received when you moved-in. Landlords have no legal obligation to repair white goods in a property, but they will usually have to make that clear at the start. Check your tenancy agreement and other documentation to see whether it says anything about this. Also check your inventory. If it lists the washing machine and/or the property was advertised/shown as having one, then you have a reasonable expectation that it works for the duration of the tenancy.

Do not deduct money from the rent for this as it will likely get you evicted.

I’m pretty sure, every house hold that is being rented has to come with white house goods, as in fridge, cooker and washing machine. But then I could be wrong

No so, the only item that may have to be provided is a cooker, and this isn’t clear.

Different (credible) lettings agents give conflicting advice. I am trying to clarify if a cooker is needed myself.

@David122 what’s your view on providing a cooker?

Do not deduct rent. Your contract will say pay rent without deduction.

Wrong I never supply any white goods at all, no cooker no fridge, no washing machine I leave a 650mm space for all of them. No agent has ever said you have to supply a cooker

Sanitary convinces, surely a washing machine counts as a sanitary convince. I’ve got the place all bills included and furnished. I have the place for a year. One would think that would include a washing machine. It’s like renting a whole apartment ready to be moved in to. I would take that as a washing machine would be included. Why have a washing machine that doesn’t work? Also the pictures on the advertisement shows a washing machine. He never stated that it’s not working. So going by the pictures showing a wsbsing machine, one would assume that a washing machine is included.
Would you suggest I just buy a washing machine?

Yea but I’m assuming you don’t advertise pictures with white goods on it, unless you stipulate that it’s not included in the advertising. Otherwise, that’s false advertising. Am I correct in thinking that?

Never assume.
Refer to inventory or contract.
Washing machine isn’t sanitary.
Washer could be current tenants.

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I have had tenants leave a cooker behind .I tell a new tenant you can have this as your own, it is not mine or I will take it to the tip if you do not want it… I suggest you ask the landlord to take it away . or buy one yourself and some firms will remove the old one as part of the deal. A washing machine is not part of sanitary fittings

This has nothing to do with openrent

How are you reporting it to the LL? What does your agreement say about the washing machine and any other white goods ?

So my contract doesn’t state anything about white goods per say. But I just realised, an inventory was never done and I wasn’t given anything regarding anything relating to an inventory. This is so annoying, I wish Airbnb had a property for me then, I would be dealing with all of this. Airbnb states whether there’s washing machine or not.
I literally thought getting a place with everything included literally meant everything included. I’m paying too much for this if I’m having to deal with this.
Regarding the inventory, is it going to be an issue moving forward?

do not let it get to you. You like it there? cost a lot to move in ? cost a lot to move out? A washing machine cost £200? Then if you move you can take it with you

could be. Did you pay a deposit? Usually the inventory is there to ensure that the LL doesn’t make deductions for damage that existed when you moved in. Let’s hope the place is immaculate and that you leave it that way.

The biggest issue you’ve got is that if you do buy a new washing machine, what are you going to do with the old one. If the LL doesn’t respond to you, they’re unlikely to be the kind of LL who will turn up to remove a washer.

The lack of an inventory will be a problem for the landlord if he tries to make any deductions for damage, but it shouldn’t be a problem for you.

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oh yeah… good point. I got that one back to front!

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