We need to leave the flat because of COVID-19

Hi! Me and my flatmate, we both lost our job because of Covid-19 and we are paying the rent but we are finishing our savings and we want to go back to Italy. The landlord is not accepting the notice because the rental agreement is 12 month (10-month break clause) and it seems that she doesn’t understand that there is a Pandemic situation and we don’t find anyone that is taking the flat (there are a lot of empty flats at the moment and renting seems impossible. Anything we can do if she doesn’t come to an agreement? We are desperate at this point.

You could offer to pay your landlord the very reasonable fees to advertise the property on Openrent, they have always worked very well for me.
You could make sure that the property looks at it’s best for any potential tenants.
Any reasonable landlord just wants a good tenant and his rent paid however you may not be dealing with a reasonable landlord.

I agree with Jim above, but sadly not all landlords are reasonable. My own view as a LL is that I don’t want to force anyone to live in any of my houses who doesn’t want to be there, so I’ll assist and co-operate with helping them move on, even if within the fixed term of the tenancy.

Should you decide to play hardball with an unreasonable LL, what might happen if you simply abandoned the flat and went back to Italy? Just asking the question for you to think about. Nothing that bad I suspect, unless your LL happens to live in Italy too!

Another aspect is the COVID moratorium on evictions. Should you be unable to pay the rent the LL cannot evict you at the moment, so you could point out to the LL that it could be in their best interest to cancel the tenancy and re-let now with joint co-operation.

thanks for your reply. I will try this way! Is a very scary moment. and I don’t wanna be prosecuted because I cannot afford the rent anymore

Thank you for your advice! Was really clear!