What Are the Tenant's Responsibilities for Maintenance and Repairs?

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When you hand over the keys to your new tenant, everything in your rental property will be in safe and sound working order. It’s only natural that over the course of the coming months and years, even the most careful tenants will cause some wear and tear – and the odd thing might go wrong.…

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Exactly why I do not supply white goods or furnishings any more


A position that seems more sensible to me every day! So many problems caused by furnishings. If I ever let a property I think I’d do the same Colin.

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The 10% wear and tear allowance was only for furnished properties. My experience is that most landlords don’t let furnished - they are actually better off under the new rules because there was technically no relief for replacement carpets and white goods for them under the old rules.

Bunging in a bit of furniture to call it furnished would not have cut it if you had had an enquiry.

A property would only be considered ’furnished’ and therefore eligible for wear and tear allowance if the property were capable of normal occupation without the tenant having to provide their own essential items of furniture.

To quote HMRC: “To qualify as a furnished residential letting the property had to be a dwelling house that was let with sufficient furniture, furnishings and equipment for normal residential use.” (https://www.gov.uk/hmrc-internal-manuals/property-income-manual/pim3215)

I understand exactly what you are saying hence I did not bung it in I placed it very carefully

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I had to call out an out of hours locksmith recently for my tenant as the key was just turing round in the lock. According to the locksmith the tenant had put the snib down on the inside. Had to have a new lock. I had also just previously paid for a password change and new spare keys for original lock at the tenants request! The tenant disagreed with the locksmith and says he did not put the snib down. I now also have a non password lock too! Even though the locksmith said tenant should pay. I suggested going half on the bill the tenant agreed at first but after contacting twice I’ve had no response. Just wondering how others woukd have dealt with thus situation.

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give the tenant the locksmiths number and leave him to pay… I had a tenant close the door twice without having her keys on her The first time i went along with my keys . The 2nd time i said i will come along on Monday , she slept at her sisters over the weekend. Till I got there on Monday. Then it never hapened again (so far). I live 50 miles away. If they lock themselves out its £25 for me to come out

Unfortunately I had to pay on the night. Made the agreement with the tenant the next day regarding a contribution. I will probably bring it up on next contact.

Many thanks

I just again clarify to the tenant.

I had recently call from one of my tenant that he locked himself out late at night and was arguing with me that he suppose to do as his battery was running down even though he knew I was out of the city.

I just told him that he had to call the locksmith and pay the bill as it was clearly clarified in the tenancy agreement.

Even I suggested that he could get the another key cut and he could leave with concierge if he wants incase if you need in emergency but he did not.

If it’s tenants fault then they should pay it it’s that simple.


next thing he will want you to wipe his nose for him


As a tenant my self, I’ve always preferred unfurnished. I like to chose my own furniture and style it how ever I want. Also is less hassle to deal with tear and wear.


Me and my wife moved in a small house near London more than a year ago. At the first sight the house was looking very good, the owner was a pleasant man ( he continues to be a pleasant man) but we had a small situation right before signing the papers. I’ve noticed the back door lock was a little bit damaged, there was a small part of the key stuck inside it. For me it was okay, I am not afraid mostly of anything, but my wife started to have a long conversation about changing the door lock, the owner was trying to tell us we have nothing to be afraid of, and he can fix this on his own, but my wife made an ultimatum, we will not move in until all the locks are in good shape. Gladly for the owner, he had a friend working as a locksmith woodside park. So, after a couple of hours, the locks were changed ( some of them, mostly all were in a good shape) the owner paid it all, he used to have a good discount since his friend is working as a locksmith. So, As far as I can see, the owner pays for that, and I think this is how it should be.