What can be taken off Bond

Hi Lovely People,

Hope someone could advise.

Tenants just moved out but and wanting bond back, however:

  1. Furniture was damaged
  2. They signed the inventory list but I had not sent it back a copy to them - but the furniture is now missing
  3. There is mould everywhere in the flat
  4. Flat left not cleaned and in the contract it was stated:
    Custom Clause 3. The tenants must have the flat be left as clean as found and provide a professional clean, with carpets needing to be steam cleaned and receipt of the works completed provided.

Out of these 4 items - what can you actually take out of the bond??

How best do you work out what you take off the rent - how do you best manage this process as well as possible.

Thank you for your help in advance

If you have a signed inventory just deduct accordingly for missing furniture etc

You can’t demand they professionally clean though you can deduct for cost of professional clean if needed once they have left.

When deducting or demanding payment give breakdown of issues or the checkout inventory and the costs to resolve. Backup with photos.

Is bond registered with a scheme?


You can claim for all of it as long as your evidence is good.


It’s good that they signed the inventory, they can’t claim that they were just handed it and didn’t know it’s contents.
You highlight parts of the contract which stipulate the tenants responsibility re cleaning, this is also important because you need to list what items you will be able to claim for before the start of the tenancy.
Did you protect the deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme? If you didn’t, then you are in difficulty, since any claim will be rejected and you could be charged up to 3 times the deposit amount. If you did protect the deposit, they will usually mediate the sum you can keep from the deposit.


No, unfortunately, I did not sign and send it back - I should have done but I have a signed copy from them - does that make a difference?

Yes registered with a scheme through open rent :slight_smile:

Ok thanks for that … does the deposit scheme thru Open rent help you through this process of mediation?

You should give them a copy now of the signed move-in inventory and the check out inventory and give them chance to dispute it.

The scheme will mediate if you can’t reach an agreement. Be clear with everything you present.

You must let them know within 10 days I believe if you intend on deducting any deposit.


The main thing is that you have a copy signed by them. Things sometimes get lost in the post. I’d say you should be fine. If the tenants complain, send them a copy now.