What constitutes a greedy bastard?

Landlords often have a bad rep for being greedy bastards. Size of landlord and reasons behind it just aren’t considered by the potty mouths.

It’s seems someone who has worked hard to be able to buy multiple properties is frowned upon and not given any credit at all. But if someone gets a brand new Audi on finance or jets aways for 2 weeks in the Maldives courtesy of Mastercard and everyone thinks it’s amazing and gives them a pat on the back.

So my question is to anyone remotely interested - what would someone have to do to warrant the title, greedy bastard landlord?


I wish that the person, who is a landlord and keeps emailing me reads this. I recieved an extensive email from him on sunday stating all his rules and regulations for prospective tenants, and how if they in anyway disrespected his rules, then they were straight out of the door. To be honest I would think going into a property of his would be worse than going into prison. The expression about slum landlords comes to my mind. The only items he did not touch on before he deleted his email were concerning peoples ethnic backgrounds and their sexual orientation, but I would think that they would be on his undesirables list

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Can I just add that you are in a service industry. You provide the accomodation and the renter agrees to upkeep the property and pay their rent and utilities on time. You must I take it have landlord insurance and the renter has to obtain renters insurance. Things like wanting to replace the windows, or refit the kitchen and bathroom are something that an owner, not a renter would do. What if something like the central heating boiler, which a landlord should have serviced every year, broke down and flooded the property. Who is responsible?

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No insurance is required in law.

Insurance against fire, subsidence etc would by landlord, a lender would require this. (Or a free holder).

Contents insurance by tenants is optional.

If a tenant wrecks anything it’s up to tenant to pay for the fix, agree details with landlord first.

If boiler flooded property and cause wasn’t down to tenant ie they failed to report a known issue with it or they had damaged boiler causing problem, then it would be down to landlord to resolve.

Landlord does not have to service boiler every year, though they should legally have it safety checked.

I have boilers where one serviced every year and one isn’t and one not serviced outlasted one serviced by years. Never have my own serviced, waste of time in my opinion.

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No, sorry, but I dont accept that answer. You own a property and you are taking a somewhat calculated risk in letting someone else live in it. The first thing that I would do is to protect my property. Renters insurance is easy enough for a tenant to obtain. I pay something like 25 euros a month. So, if something like a gas leak happened and the place blew up, you would never have a penny to your name again. I would protect your investment and get yourself some insurance

You don’t accept facts?
I never said I don’t have insurance


Excuse me for assuming, as you stated that no insurance is required by law, that you did not have insurance. I am sorry for that. However, if a landlord insisted on a tenant obtaining renters insurance, surely everyones mind will be at ease. A tenant could wreck your property and make all the promises under the sun, but for about twenty five quid a month, then your mind is at rest and it also shows that they are a responsible tenant.

Only an idiot would take the word of that contents insurance was in place from tenant I’m afraid. I would lose sleep thinking I had to rely on the tenants self arranged insurance. They could show me proof and then cancel the week after. A landlord should rely on solely their own insurance.

The law doesn’t support the requirement for this regardless.

It wouldn’t hurt for a tenant to have it of course though.


Well that might be true over there, but I am in France, which is very much about insuring everything and proving it. Anyway, thanks for a very interesting discussion.

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If this forum has a private message function I think it would be prudent to use.

This thread was blatantly a direct response to mariarout’s comment in a different thread and you two are just having it out with each other.

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Not at all. We were having a discussion about something. Did it turn nasty? No, it did not. Dont try to turn a molehill into a mountain


You are totally wrong there is no argument. I think you must be so used to it you assume it as a matter of course now?

It was meant as a tongue in cheek topic to try to get tenants to speak about what riles them about landlords.

And if it were, if you dont like it dont read it.


I don’t know of any insurance a tenant could take out that would let them wreck a property they rented, and would pay the landlord for the cost of the repairs! Especially if the damage was deliberate.
Maybe there’s some kind of tenant’s indemnity insurance in France that will pay a landlord claim but I’m not aware of such a thing here.


I also cannot understand the behaviour of some so called “human beings”.Those who have no respect for the property of others. I live in quite a small community in rural France, so if a landlord has had a problem with a tenant, then the word goes around very quickly

most people would envy you living in rural france… In larger towns and cities here the opposite is true.

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Sorry, but having lived here for fifteen years, after my controlling estranged husband decided to use my money to buy a shithole for double what it was actually worth. We had no form of septic tank, because he decided to buy privately and it was never checked until after the sale. Our form of sewerage disposal was large concrete pipe, which was cracked and the sewerage was supposed to run into a ditch. This used to be the normal for rural properties, but because the pipe was cracked, everytime the toilet was flushed, then up it all came. Our only water supply was from a well. It would have cost a small fortune to put it on mains water.We had only been in the depressing dump for six months when I started having really bad sickness and diahorrea. We had the water tested and it was not fit for human consumption. It was infested with coliform feacus, which if you boil it you kill the bacteria, the main problem was that it was over the Eu regulations, by a lot for nitrates, which when you boil the water they convert to nitrites, which are highly carconogenic. I ended up with breast cancerWe managed to sell the dump after two years I only wanted to stay here for six months while looking for a property to buy in England, but d but he liked it here, so I ended up stuck here. He used to work for our landlord, but for some reason, which I have no idea what it was about, they had a falling out, so the spineless little git I married, just up and left. So, its not all roses around the front door here

that is a tough life Bad water and no septic tank.


All very true. Whatever people have worked for it can all be lost and lives turned upside to how we could never have imagined.
Mrs T


I remember the tenant problem you had MR T. drove you nuts .

Yes, more than nuts, insane! it actually made me ill.

I have a friend who wants to buy in the same area, so will help her with paperwork etc but nothing more to do with tenant contact.