What counts as an Administrative Fee

My future landlord is trying to justify charging my partner and I around £300 in fees for the place we want to rent by saying that those are not administrative fees (these are things such as inventory - £138, referencing charges - £95, administration charges -£49 and registration fees £23 - and I am very confused why he can charge this? I came to open rent as it is supposed to be providing us fee-free rentals, however I have been charged less by Dexters at my current place! I would like someone to explain what is an administrative fee (if these are not, apparently), and how can Open Rent ensure that we don’t end up paying all these extras when we were not expecting to.


Hi Caro,

Sorry to hear this. In Rent Now, we handle all the initial funds so we ensure tenants don’t pay any admin fees.

Tenancies can still proceed off-platform, but even in this case, landlords can’t be charging anything beyond £20 for a reference - not even for things like inventory or registration fees (whatever that means!).

Please report this listing on the website so the team can follow up. You can also drop us a line at https://www.openrent.co.uk/faq#i-have-more-questions so we can look into this.

For further guidance on this, just go here: