What exactly did I just pay for?

I just paid 30 GBP for a paid ad. It said it would be shared on 100 partner websites. I dont see that anywhere. There is no option for improved placement. What exactly did I just pay for?

The only listing that matters is the one on RightMove and possibly zoopla. The rest are worthless.

It may take a day or so to show once approved.

Have you proven ownership so you qualify for RightMove listing?

I dont get it…why did I need openrent to post on rightmove? i could do that myself. i cant have ownserhip because its a sublet. Ok i seriously need a refund or Im claiming it through my bank. That is not what was advertised

Tens of thousands of landlords would disagree.

Only estate agents with paid subscriptions can advertise on rightmove. It costs a fortune monthly.

Landlords cannot go direct.


Is the property on zoopla? Or gumtree? Or prime location? Or openrents own website?

Read the terms about the other “100” and you might get it.

You are jumping the gun without having the slightest clue.

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Who did you pay it to ? You seem very angry for some unfathomable reason.

if you do not know what you paid for , how can we know ? Sublet ? Rightmove require proof you own the property. If you do not your post seems to smell bad., does your landlord know you want to sublet ?

Sincere apologies, I definitely jumped the gun as I recieved an email explaning about the advertising after. Please delete the entire post if possible.

I apologize for this.

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