What insurance do you have?

Aside from Rent Guarantee Insurance, what other types do you generally have as landlords?
Contents insurance? anything else? what do you recommend having in place?

Building insurance in my case is for the whole block already.


Where you have properties with buildings insurance for the whole block this generally includes public liability, which I think is essential, (you should check this). You could also consider contents insurance. Its not so much for the cost of replacing damaged furniture, but the admittedly small risk that the tenant may somehow be injured by an item of furniture which wouldn’t be covered by your block policy.

I don’t bother with RGI insurance as I have no faith in it.

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Do we also need to have both landlords insurance and home insurance? Or is building etc. usually covered by the landlord insurance?

I only have landlords insurance for properties not in managed blocks. My (limited) understanding is that the main thing it gives you over and above regular buildings insurance is the third party/public liability. It may also give you legal services insurance.

Just bssic landlord (buildings) insurance. No contents. No rent guarantee as I feel the policies have been priced out since Covid.

I include contents in the properties not in blocks because its easy if you’re arranging landlords insurance to do that, but I haven’t bothered in the blocks. I could never recommend RGI insurance.

thanks you all, great to hear your perspectives