Insurance advice

I’d love to know what sort of insurance people recommend as landlords and which firms…
I’m a leaseholder in a block so I think building insurance is covered (I’ll check), but everything else… any advice?
I get lovely professional tenants but insurance always seems a bit disappointing… I don’t believe insurers really ever pay out and I’m wondering if just getting the minimum would be useful…
Thanks in advance for your help (here and on my other questions!)

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Where I have flats in blocks, the buildings insurance is already included and I have never bothered with any further insurance. This is because it already covers third party/public liability. It means I dont have legal or contents cover, but I live with that. For others this decision may be too risky.

Check out Alan Boswell, there a broker but I use them each year for both buildings and legal cover.

Thank you so much. I’ll look into it.

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