Is it necessary to have both insurance cover?

Is it necessary to have 2 insurance coverage?
For example, I have my usual building contents cover but also recently taken out landlords insurance cover.
Do I need both?

You should only have landlord insurance. You shouldn’t have regular home insurance.

Thanks, so I’m able to cancel the other one?
No doubt I’ll have to pay off the remaining months though :roll_eyes:

I had this question too and then realized that the landlord insurance covers what normal home insurance covers plus a lot more options. So guess only landlord insurance is sufficient.

I am having the same question, do we know from legal stand point what kind of insurance the landlord is expected to have pls?
Any help /advice is appreciated folks.
Thanks in advance :handshake: :handshake:

You only need landlord building insurance if you have a mortgage to satisfy the lender, otherwise you don’t “need” it, but of course you should have it still. Flats will usually have buildings cover as part of the service charge.

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Thanks for that update Mark, i do have mortgage and it specifies to have an insurance to cover for Building. I was hoping that there might be an explicit law stating “all landlords should have a certain type of insurance”, but seems like its more of a mortgage requirement.
I have pinged OpenRent help line, but they dont seem to have a clue and hence my query above.
Appreciate your help :+1:

It’s could also be a lease requirement.

Landlord Buildings Insurance is what you need. Also Landlord contents if property is furnished

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