What time do handover the keys?

Hi! I’m moving out of a property for which I’ve paid rent until the 31st March. The Letting agency has now told me that I need to vacate the house by 12pm that day and that this is part of the Housing Act. Does anyone know if this is right? Otherwise why would I pay until the end of the day if I can’t use the property?

never heard of it… do you mean you want to hand over the keys at midnight? Did you get the keys at midnight or during the middle of the day? If you are bothered about a few hours I am glad you are not going to be one of my neighbours… Dont you think we have enough to be bothered about at present

I’d definitely be glad not being your neighbours considering how rude you’re being towards someone you don’t know. Thank you for your useless comment.

Hi @nunolondon, I would need to research what laws exist around the time needed to vacate the property, but certainly every time I have moved, 12noon has been the time by which to vacate – although my landlords have always been flexible. You may have a clause in your tenancy agreement that covers the leaving time on the final day of the contract.

Is there a particular reason you want to stay longer in the property on the final day of the tenancy? If so the agent will probably be flexible. If you did choose ot stay a few hours longer, then I’m not sure there’s much they could do about it anyway, but it’s always better to come to an agreement than to act unilaterally.



@nunolondon, 12noon is pretty standard, but, if they’ve told you “12pm”, then you could argue that you understood that to be midnight (and there would be nothing they could do!)

I dont get it nunolondon, you dis Colin for being frank and honest, what would you prefer for someone to beat around the bush or just get the answer!?

Firstly, you never did state the actual time in question as the time you gave is ambiguous as i have read all thread yet still its unconfirmed so how do you expect a proper answer to an inproper or an ambiguous question.

Secondly, if you do mean Midnight then i too wouldn’t like you as a neighbour, landlord or a tenant as that would be a wholly unreasonable time to expect to do a HandOver/TakeOver in almost every case, unless there were extraordinary circumstances, however at present with the virus on us then you don’t even deserve a response from anyone, i recommend to be clear on your question so people can try and answer it and when they do answer you not to dis the person answering you just because you don’t like the truth.

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