Time of collecting keys

I’m renting out my flat to tenants as of 12 April. I’ve booked inventory and check in for midday that day and now tenants are saying they wont be able to be there til 7pm.
Whenever I’ve rented a place as a tenant I’ve always had to abide by normal working hours, I want to be helpful but realistically they said they want to be there for inventory so I kind of think it’s tough but then again how else am I meant to give them the keys if they won’t take afternoon off work?
What is the normal?
As you can tell I’m an accidental landlord. Whilst I’ve rented before, my landlords haven’t been particularly helpful but I also don’t want to bend over backwards as I feel they may ask a lot in future, as they’re new renters in this country and it’s very different to renting elsewhere.
Thanks in advance

Hi Nicola,

Welcome to the OpenRent Community! We have a lot of ‘accidental landlords’ here, so perhaps some will chip in with some thoughts on this.

What I’d say is that these things are best worked out in agreement between you and the tenants.

If you’re providing the tenants with a couple of different times they could come and collect the keys, then that seems reasonable to me. For example if they can’t collect the keys on the afternoon of 12th April, perhaps they can do so the following morning?

Where both parties are working or have other commitments, there will likely need to be some compromise from both sides.

Good luck, and hope the move-in goes smoothly!