What Time do Tenancies End?

My tenants are leaving and the only time the inventory clerk can do that day is 9am which they are none too pleased about.

I had hoped for a bit of flexibility on their part as they are leaving without the proper notice and I have accommodated this but it seems not.

Any advice would be appreciated. Is there a standard time when a tenancy ends?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends how it’s ending. If you accepted an otherwise invalid tenant notice, then their tenancy ends at midnight on that day. If they are leaving by signing a deed of surrender, then its at whatever time you agree.

Depends on what time it says in your contract. Ours is specified at 11am.

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That is likely unenforceable A_A

Tessa’s contract reads with a specific time of midday and has been proof read by David Smith. Is that also likely unenforceable?

So OR’s contract says by 2pm on the last day of tenancy. Should they be there after then they are due to pay more rent, strictly speaking.

So I would also say 9am is not an acceptable time on moving day either, I’m afraid. Find another cleark or pick up the keys and do the inventory the next day instead.

A tenants notice has to be a specific length to be valid. If the landlord contracts for an early checkout then the notice can’t be valid as the last day will be less than a full day. I am not sure what a court would make of a landlords claim for extra rent if the tenant stayed beyond 11am in your example.