When do tenants pay first months rent

My tenants wish to start the tenancy on 6th July which is fine. When do they need to, 1. Sign the contract, 2. pay the deposit and 3. first monts rent… ?
I wish to hand the keys over on 6th but clearly need to know the money has arrived with Openrent.

I just went through the process.

  1. Both parties need to sign the contract agreeing on a start date; naturally this has to be before the start date.
  2. Tenant needs to pay full deposit and first month rent to OpenRent before start date, ideally at least a few days before the start date because normally you want to book an inventory service.
  3. Once contract signed, full deposit and first month rent paid, then Open Rent will notify you by email and then you can hand keys on the start date.

Thank you, that’s what I needed to.know.

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