When Husband and Wife got separated

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My property was been rented in joint tenancy (Husband and Wife) for year, previous year contract ends, it’s now in now rolling contract.Husband was a primary person use to pay rent. Recently, with mutual understanding husband decided to separate with wife.

Though,since got separated wife remain In property and has made her 1st rental payment.

My question is as this is the joint tenancy agreement in place, can husband just abandoned the contract and leave all the situation to handle by wife. What will happen if wife’s unable to make rental payment in future. What are the legal obligation for husband ? Whats need to done in such circumstance ?
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both tenants are individually and/or jointly liable for the said rent as per your AST, its not about their physical situation, its about the Agreement you have in place.
If 1 wishes to serve Notice then its up to you to make sure that either both of them leave together or you may wish to commence vetting the remaining tenant as you would from new and start a brand new tenancy if they pass.
If you feel that the remaining person would not qualify then you would need to strongly consider issuing Notice to Vacate for all persons on the said tenancy and finding another tenant.
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