When I upload photos they are too zoomed in

Hi all.

I have uploaded photos to my add and the app seems to be cropping the images a lot. the landscape images are cropped all round so not ideal but visible. but the portrait images are so zoomed in they hardly show the room at all. Is there a solution to this in the app that anyone else knows, because I cant seem to find one.

Many thanks


I had the same problem on a floorplan.
But if you double click the large photo it becomes a clear uncroppped photo.

there is a difference between a single left click and a double click.

Hi Rachael and Philip,

The height-width ratio used is just an aspect of how photos are displayed on our website specifically - it isn’t a cause for concern and won’t affect how they appear on portals such as Rightmove.

Rest assured tenants can see the full image either in the thumbnail or by clicking to enlarge the picture.

Most tenants will see the advert on other sites where the photos will be displayed differently and in full.

If you have any questions regarding this, or relating to your specific listing, please feel free to contact us here :slight_smile: