When is my notice date?


I have received an email today from my letting agent that the rent is going to be increasing. The letting agency are extremely poor at responding to emails and arranging repairs, so we have decided to give notice to end the tenancy as I am not happy to pay more rent when i am still waiting on repairs to be made.

I thought my tenancy period ran from 19th of the month to 18th/19th however my letting agent is saying different. I am hoping someone can advise me whether I should be querying this with them or not. I am 5 months pregnant and I just want this to go as smoothly as possible, so I do not want to cause a fuss where it is not needed.

I started my 6 month fixed term contract on 19/08/17 with rent being paid on 19th of the month. Paid my deposit and 1 months rent upfront.

I renewed my contract on 19/02/18 and extended it by 12months but I wanted to change my rental payment date to 1st of the month so I paid the additional amount to take this up to the 1st of the month so I was not in arrears.

My fixed term contract ended on 19/02/19. After over 2 months of trying to get in touch with the letting agency from December to renew the contract for another 12 months, the letting agency finally responded in March that the landlord wished this to be on a rolling contract.

Yesterday 18/09/19 I received notice to increase rent and I handed in my 1 months notice yesterday by reply. The letting agency have got back to me acknowledging this and have put the property up for let yesterday afternoon and already have viewings so have asked me about viewing times, which I’m happy to be flexible on. One thing they mentioned in this email is that my tenancy may have to end on 1st November now due to me moving my payment date. From my research, the tenancy period is from the date the fixed term contract came to an end and the statutory periodic agreement came into affect, which was 19/02/19.

Can someone advise if I am correct and should query or if I am mistaken and it is now from the 1st.

Thank you in advance.


Hi, sorry to hear you have to move at a stressful time! I’ll try to answer your question.

Yes exactly. The rental period should be defined in the tenancy agreement. When the rent is actually paid is by the by. You just need to give a minimum of one month’s rent expiring on the final day of the rental period.