End of tenancy set, but the rent amount hasn't been amended

HI, first post here. I had a quick look around the forum but can’t seem to find an existing discussion…
My contract started on 6th of the month, so automatically it’s been the same day every month.
We just gave 1 month’s notice to move out last week, so the end of tenancy is set on the 1st Jul.
Our landlady set the end of tenancy date so it shows on the openrent, however the rent amount stays the same. We asked our landlady to amend the amount as it’s a few days shorter than a calendar month, but openrent just hung up on my wife and I don’t know what else I can do. I’ve left them a message on the ‘helpline’ and awaiting for the response, but I thought I’d post here as the date is approaching and it’s friday already.
Many thanks in advance.

If you served notice to end 1st July it is invalid. A valid notice would end on 5th July. If you served a valid notice but jour landlord is asking you to leave early then you have the right to refuse or demand rent repayment for the extra days.

Hi David, thanks for your response… It’s something we’ve arranged with our landlady. She originally gave us a month’s notice in april 5th for us to leave by May 5th, but we’ve found covid guidance (for landlords to give tenants notice minimum of 6 months) and as our finance was tight we’ve extended a little bit, but to give her 1 month’s notice when possible. She finally amended with open rent and the last rent is reduced, now case closed.
Good to know the normal practice for the future reference though, otherwise we would’ve paid double rent in 2 properties for more than a week.

To clarify, the six month notice period you refer to was for an eviction notice ( it is now 4 months) not for a tenant notifying the landlord leaving the property.