Where to enquire for next step of application after viewing

Hey there!

I’ve just completed a viewing and am interested in applying for a rental. However I’m not sure where to tell the land lord or real-estate agent.

At the viewing, the real estate agent told me to “email openrent” to let them know I’m interested in replying. However I’m not sure what this meant, as I haven’t been able to find an email on the open rent website. I thought the agent might have meant to message again on the chat platform open rent has. However they haven’t gotten back to me so far.

I wondered if anyone could shed any light on what to do. Should I wait for their response on the messaging part of Open Rent? Or is there a different email address I can contact and cite the listing I’m interested in in order to take the next steps with applying?

Many thanks in advance!

How was viewing arranged to begin with?
Via openrent messaging platform?
Just message through the chat platform. Might take a few days to get a reply.

You wouldn’t message openrent direct in relation to applying or viewings etc.

Thanks so much for the reply this is super helpful.

I arranged the viewing through the messaging platform. I’ll look out for their reply. Makes sense that it would happen there.

Thanks again!

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