Who pays for vandalism

Who is responsible for repair
Front door been kicked in by vandals
Is tenant or landlord responsible for the repair

Hi David, the front door is part of the structure of the property and so is the landlord’s responsibility to repair it.

If the tenants themselves damaged it, then you may be able to deduct money from the holding deposit to pay for the damage. But if it was damaged by a third party, not invited onto the property by the tenant, then this won’t be possible.

It may be possible to recover money for criminal damage, but I am not an expert in this area.


Thank you for the reply
The tenant has said they have a suspicion who may have done the damage so that would indicate that it is someone targeting them. Doesn’t make sense that I (the landlord) should be responsible for the repair

No doubt that it is the landlord’s responsibility. If the culprit is identified then pursue them but it cannot be the tenant’s fault.