Who sees income details

I have just filled in details about my income and employment but I do not wish the prospective landlord to see the exact details of my income and where it comes from as it is confidential. Who actually sees all these details and how does open rent let the landlord know?

You do not want the landlord to see how you are employed but you want to rent a place from him ?

I don’t want her to see that I get PIP

Working on Darknet? Pushing dope as a side hassle? Stealing wine from supermarket for resale? Or engaging into tax avoidance and want to keep it quiet?

If not, don’t worry. LL has to treat your confidential information with utmost respect and treat it as strictly private. If not, you can make a formal complaint to ICO commission who will investigate. There are hefty fines for misusing private information.

Landlord will prob want to see bank statements

You may be doing yourself a “miss” favour here by not saying you get PIP

I’ve said it during the referencing process but I don’t have to tell a potential landlord that I get PIP and yet open rent doesn’t have any way to make that information confidential. Landlords frequently discriminate against people on benefits.

Does your income from work meet affordability?

Yes, but OpenRent seems to have miscalculated and has failed me on affordability

I had a similar problem with referencing through Open Rent. The tenant provided their bank statements to prove their income directly to me in the end. They were on benefits re a disability - didn’t put me off - in my mind, it’s more secure income than employment because you could lose your job tomorrow, but you’re unlikely to lose your disability benefits (assuming you continue to jump though the government hoops!).

Having said that, they’d never pretended not to be on benefits.

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I wouldn’t rent to anyone without knowing how they earn / receive income, and how much they receive. You wouldn’t expect a bank to give you a loan without knowing this information, so you should not expect a Landlord to rent a house to you without knowing and understanding your financial situation.

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It doesnt bode well that you are being deceitful with the landlord before the tenancy even begins.


then surely it doesnt meet the affordability criteria.

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