Employer only willing to share basic work details

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I am currently stalled on my reference due to my employer who is willing to provide basic details about my work and not provide private information due to company policy. I have shared my payslips with the landlord via email but she requested I reach out to Open rent if there is a solution having sent the report to the landlord. I have been stalled on this for three weeks. I and my spouse need to leave our current house in three days. This is getting me agitated and I do not expect Open Rent to be this rigid with referencing. Add to this I have two guarantors provided. What do I do please?

The most I have been able to get out of employer references are a confirmation that a person is employed, full time or part time, contracted, gross salary ex bonus/commissions, length of service and any reason why the person will not be employed by the same company six months from now. Data protection and the fear of being sued for making any personal/specific remarks about an employee such as character traits and disciplinary record prevents employers from saying much else.

Absolutely! I believe Open rent ought to adjust her reference questions to avoid stalling on references for weeks as in my own case.

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