Pets in Lets, the never ending discussion

Continuing the discussion from Does anyone think I have any hope of renting a pet friendly rental:

Like a great many Private Landlords we simply don’t want pets in our properties and the sooner people understand this the better!
For a multitude of reasons it’s absolutely ridiculous that applicants feel they have the right to bring animals into a property they don’t own and against the wishes of the Landlord owner. The very simple solution is don’t rent, get a mortgage and buy your own then you can moor your ark at the side and have as many animals as you wish !!!


So please tell me how I get a mortgage at the age of 67. I used to own my own property, so as you seem to know it all, how do I get a mortgage?


Please dont be so patronising about “mooring your ark”


I am actually beginning to think of staying in France. English landlords seem to be just money grabbing gits. They dont want you, they just want your money. I get the strong impression that renting in England is a bit like serving a prison sentence


I would have thought the solution is quite simple. ….stay where you are.
With an insulting attitude like your displaying no Landlord is going to be forthcoming in offering you a home.
Typically your the kind of individual that when you can’t get your own way or successfully impose your will on others it’s always somebody else’s fault!
Enjoy the French hospitality and learn some bloody respect and manners whilst your there!!!


Big chip or what!
I’m a landlord
Some of my tenants have dogs, one has a rabbit and one had just managed to persuade her husband to swap his ferrets for a dog!

Worked out the other day that I’m charging, on average, over than £1,000pa less than market rent per property.

So, don’t tar all landlords with the same brush. We have a lot of money invested in our properties, so are entitled to want to make sure they will be looked after, and to make a fair return. At the end of the day, it’s a business not a charity. You wouldn’t work for less than your value, so why should a landlord.

I had one tenant that moved out without telling me leaving the property in a real mess, so may be I should label all tenants as untrustworthy trash on that basis???

And @Geoff - really, was it necessary to try and start this discussion all over again? It’s been done to death and let’s face it, it’s not something consecutive to discuss, it always degrades into unpleasantness. You criticise @mariarout916 's attitude but yours is no better. And, again, speak for yourself - I have pets in my properties. My choice.


Cath why are you commenting on here ? If you find the topic loathsome nobody is forcing you to offer opinion. Simply dont enter the discussion . It isn’t me who’s bringing the subject up it’s the constant pressure from both government, new tenants and existing tenants who feel belligerent to demand Landlords house their ark of pets. If you had been following the threads and current legislation news instead of criticising posts you would know this!


You sound like a really nice person… Not! Glad you aren’t my landlord with your arrogant and unpleasant attitude.


Hi Cath, thanks for the compliment, I am a really nice person and my opinion of yourself is quite mutual


Where would we be without Pets and DSS ! the postings would be halved .


You’re the one that started a post with a knarky comment about arcs! Totally unnecessary.


Had tenants with pets, never again. They cant just move other people in so why pets


Isn’t official advice now to snuggle a pet to keep warm this winter? Landlords are screwed!

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Goodness me, this landlord speaks only for themselves. We have a (small) pet flap in the back door to the garden and I positively encourage people with pets to move in. I would prefer dogs to cats, as cats decimate wildlife, which is the most unpopular opinion, but that is it. Humans have lived with and domesticated animals over millennia and this is not going to reverse. Rather than foment discord, we ought to make properties more suitable for reality.

Just my €0.02/£2.50


Given the extreme laziness of generation Z I think that it just might!

So, completely understand why landlords are so reluctant to accept pets. At the end of the day its your property and dont want it damaged. What is unfair that because of the minority, it ruins it for the majority, like me who are genuine and responsible.

I’m 35 and due to change in circumstances, live with my mum. My little Jack Russell who is 2, had since a puppy. Has never caused damaged, well behaved and toliet trained. I need him for my mental health problems and couldn’t give him up.

I am on the housing register but will probably take years. I am desperate to get a sense of my own space. Buying is impossible for me.

Instead of a cold no, maybe landlords should do a risk assessment? Every case is different. Like me, I am happy to pay extra towards the deposit, for Landlord to regularly do checks on the property and if not happy, terminate the contact. Also even the landlord can have a look at the potential tenants current home, see what state it is in. Trust me my mum wouldn’t let me live with her if my dog was trouble. I have wrote a detailed letter explaining my situation and my good history of renting in the past but letting agents are reluctant to pass it on to landlords.

Like most people in my situation, its so frustrating and disheartening to be keep being told no pets, no pets NO PETS!

I can sadly see why some bad tenants lie and sneek the pet in. I honestly could not do that but sadly if my situation hasnt changed in next few years, I might be forced to do the same.


It’s not the minority, based on plenty of first hand experience.

Not legally possible to increase deposit over 5 weeks rent.

Pets die and get replaced with different pets.


Sadly landlords are even less likely to let to pet owners given the new eviction laws coming in.

Tenants need to write to their MP to protest how it will negatively impact them.


Ridiculous. When will tenants realise its not a right to own another species in someone else’s property or even their home that they may return to one day. When you own your own home only then should you assume this right.

So you’ll happily be in breach of you tenancy agreement to get what you want, jeopardising a stable home??

Its highly unlikely I would. Was just talking out of desperation. My problem, I am too honest. But Sadly where does it leave me?

I watch a lot of those nightmare tenants/landlords programmes and its horrifying how really bad tenants (who usually are kicked out) leave a property. Loads of times the landlord didnt know they had pets. Some people are evil.

Ive been renting since I was 20. Never been in debt/rent arrears. I have always treated the place like it was my own. Never had a problem with getting my disposit back. I was even allowed to keep guinea pigs in a cage. No problems at all. Some people have been dragged up and dont care. Thats not me. But suppose I have no way of proving that straight away.

I stupidly believed my boyfriend could buy a place so thought was safe buying a dog. I know I have near zero chance now getting a place to rent. Council housing Register will take years. I would love to buy my own place but dont have thousands for disposit.

I am starting university in September and just wanted my own space.

I do not feel entitled at all to move into a place with a dog. Sadly there are bad examples but for sure I am not one of them. I am just very frustrated and desperate for my independence back.

Anyway, really want no trouble. Maybe one day will win the lottery or will just keep trying a place I can be happy in.