Why disallow dogs and other pets

You can’t be using the correct stuff then cos when we moved in here the previous tenant had a cat and a dog we had to remove the living room carpet and we used jeyes fluid on the floor boards and no problem after that no smell nothing look I get where your all coming from but not all dog owners let that happen as I said the only time my 8yrs old dog did anything in the house was when he was 8wks old and we soon had him house trained he’s never scratched or chewed on anything he’s so chilled out it’s unreal

Ok, my mistake in regards regarding what council is offering you, a misunderstanding. We all have to adapt to circumstance, like it or not. You will never change the opinion of a landlord as they will never change your opinion. I have dogs and kids. When I rented for many years I accepted I could not have a dog.

Giving up children and giving up pets in not comparable.

The issue is finding a pet friendly home in the area you want, have you considered other areas, as time is running out?

I would arm yourself with written references from your current landlord saying how well your property has been looked after and offer this immediately to any possible landlord. Volunteer this on every application.

I do notice that every response is from a tenants only perspective. No response to issues on the other side of the coin.

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Colin why? Because its been discussed before?

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Colin as I told you in the first part of this thread I don’t have time to sit and scroll through to see if there’s anything and to be honest why should I have too I’m new to all this and just wanted a question answered which it was so does it really matter if it’s been asked before it wasn’t me asking it was it

Hi Sharon. Sorry to hear of your predicament. Have you talked to Shelter or the CAB?

Maybe they could liaise with the council, I don’t know. I know housing stock is limited but could you get on any housing association lists?

Do you have a social/key worker? I think this helps to strengthen a case, so if you are vulnerable it may be worth getting one, and maybe they will engage with the council on your behalf. It also may help to register your dog as an emotional support animal.

Register an emotional support animal? Is that really a thing, whats the benefits of “registering”?

there really is such a thing as an ESA There is no legal register . But a doctor can provide a letter to say it would help an individual.

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Sharon I noticed that you want to live in keighley, which is a lovely market town and you say the properties you like don’t accept dogs, and you are claiming benefits. I think you need to have a think and wake up to realise you are not in a position to have what you want. People who work usually don’t have that luxury. If you say you are nearly homeless its because you have put yourself there by being picky or by poor planning or both. Blaming landlords for homelessness is beyond comprehension. The answer is simple, pick another area or accept a property that isn’t your first choice that does accept dogs.

I always find this area about pets very interesting. Namely because it’s interesting how the prospective tenant who doesn’t own the property expects to be able to dictate that they should be allowed a pet and should be taken on their word yet they are up in arms when the person who does own the house dictates and says they can’t. Very interesting how the non home owner expects to dictate but doesn’t accept that stance from the home owner. Seems very one sided I’ll tell you despite not owning the property but you can’t tell me even though you own it :rofl:


tenants seem to think< I am paying rent I can do what i want >


Yeah it a very entitled view. I wonder, if a person with no place to go was offered by their friend to stay with them (paying towards the bills etc) if they got moved in and lit up a cigarette and the friend said oh please don’t smoke in my house our around my house, if they would argue that they pay their way so should be entitled to smoke where they pleased in the property. Or would that have something that some tenants seem not to have for landlords and that’s the respect that it’s the landlords house?


Hi Colin,

Yes that is a much better idea to get a doctor’s letter.

There was an article in our local rag recently about someone who needed help with accomodation from the Council and had a dog.

The council’s response was that the person needed to register their pet in this manner it’s then they would be able to help.

I looked it up and there was no official register I could find, (as you said) but there was some site that charged £50 for the privilege.

I’m not sure which ‘register’ our council was referring to, but outrageous that anyone should have to pay this.

Sounds like a delaying/cop out tactic from the council, but no harm in getting a doctor’s letter to add to your evidence.

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That the pet is there as a therapeutic aid to your mental health and well-being, so is a non-negotiable necessity. Much the same as a guide dog is to the blind.

Minimal agro is essential to my mental health, none negotiable.

Dog register is open to abuse, sadly, all you do is fill in a form and pay a fee and you qualify. Outrageous system.

Yes I would agree there, having been pushed to the brink myself, (by non pet owners) and not even joking.

If you ever find out, let me know because I am having a hell of a time finding a place in London.