Will landlords accept me or am i wasting my time!

Hi I’m wanting to rent a property for myself, 1 bedroom maybe 2 depending on price! my budget is around £750-£800 max preferably unfurnished and in the Birmingham area. I am single with no children.
I work full time and have done so for 14 years for the same company.
I am previously divorced so therefore I’m out of the marital home and currently living with friends and family, here and there and that’s why i need my own place.
I had declared myself bankcrupt in 2020 and it’ll be coming upto 4 years in January. Obviously i know this is a big red flag on my credit file!
I do have the funds to pay 6 months rent upfront and i also have a guarantor if needed.
Im hard working, honest and I would treat your home with utter respect like i treated my own home! Just need someone to give me a chance!
What i want to know is do I have a chance at all at being accepted by Landlords on here?

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I wish you the best. The landlord’s on here are a representative sample of landlords everywhere. I would assume same general criteria for new tenants.

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the point is, there are lots of people looking for housing at the moment and if we compare you to say a couple with two people working, then obviously that is greater financial stability. I am not sure about the birmingham market but in london as rents are high then I am always looking for more than one income in case one has a problem.

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sounds like a decent tenant to me


Its very unfortunate that the system is letting both tenants and landlords down. I have previously rented to someone like yourself. I would get printouts of your savings accounts showing that you have 6 months rent, reference from your employer and salary slips and be open about your finances, any loans you have etc. dont try to cover anything up. Its a shame there are bad tenants about who have arrears as genuine people then have their chances ruined. Have you thought of just renting a room in a shared house first of all to show that you can pay rent regularly. Try spareroom.com. Good luck.


I second this. We have rented to tenants with poor credit histories. We have never rented to anyone who lied to us about their record, no matter what their mitigation.


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