Will i ever be able to rent

ive got savings and in process of selling my home due to divorcing… but im stuck in a catch 22…

i have a ccj and bad credit rating so cant seem to be able to rent, as soon as credit checks done, im in trouble…
even though i am happy to pay up front/explain my situation.
but i have savings and work so cant get help via authorities.

i dont know what to do, i assume theres no point looking via estate agents, cause i wont pass their checks. the way its going i will be homeless soon, mental health is really suffering…having money it seems does you no favours.

Offer a landlord 6 months in advance and explain why

Thank you for the reply.

Any idea how I can get in there first/early to explain…

I’ve viewed via estate agents, and explain to them, but not sure how much they relay back to landlords.
I just get told…I “don’t pass their external referencing”…

we dont know either, have you told the agents you can pay up front ?

Can you offer a guarantor ?
Don’t know how you can get in early to explain. Seems you are trying, We took three sets of tenants without all passing. Would never do it again mind as all let us down badly. But the story is sometimes someone will make an exception. Good luck

ive told 2 estate agents my situation, each said im ideal as can pay up front even for a year… but it seems the initial credit check is whats causing me trouble…the wording i got was i “dont pass their specific referencing” …Thank you for the reply

sorry…yes a guarantor is no problem either…

What a nightmare. Have they said what part exactly you are falling down on?
I know you mentioned the credit scoring but is that not what a guarantor is for?
Someone else on here mentioned she couldn’t find a property as her circumstances didn’t qualify the landlord for rent guarantee insurance.
Put an ad in Gumtree?
Look on Gumtree where there may be more private landlords advertising?
Put letters through the doors addressed to the landlord of any prospective properties?
I know it’s not much to offer but seems agents just can’t be bothered to contact the landlords so everyone is missing out.
Ask the agent to call the landlord and explain your situation and call you straight back in 15 minutes.
But easy not to do if cannot go into the office.
Lame suggestions I know, and sure you have done them all already.
Just shows that all these laws to protect tenants have actually made it more difficult for certain people such as yourself.

Many landlords myself included use reference checks to get rent guarantee insurance
Although you may fail the test because of your CCJ if you have a guarantor that can pass all the tests you should not have a problem

hi…no i have no idea really…1 estate agent mention my CCJ…ive put an add on gumtree now, so fingers crossed…
how can i find out any landlords (letters through doors is worth a go)is there other places like this site that list/have landlords…so sorry i sound stupid, never been in this situation, just want someone to have faith in me…ive been an idiot and let my ex husband deal with finances, and now i have to learn to deal with his mistakes…

Do a Google search for houses to rent in your area, be it a town, initial letters of a postcode or an area. This will bring up Rightmove and other major sites advertising properties to rent.

Good luck.

thanks john45…i will give it a try.