Will new reference checks pick up job/earnings loss due to Covid-19?

I am currently taking viewings and hope to soon begin referencing the new chosen tenants - I am concerned that any recent job loss or loss of earnings due to COVID-19 won’t show up on reference checks. Could that be an issue?
What can I do to protect myself during this time in finding new reliable tenants?

You are correct that more likely than not any issues within the last update made to the credit agencies would not show however it’s normally every 30 days with the credit agencies however that can change a little bit you can always contact them directly to clarify how often they are updated but this is usually dependent upon the party doing the updating rather than the credit agency.

I think you have to use heaps of commonsense and concentrate specifically on their occupation and in addition to this you could ask the prospective tenant to make a statement of the current affairs on the questionable period and you can also do so to their employer but I wouldn’t personally bother with all that I would just take a lot of common sense towards their occupation as if they are a civil servant for instance and this would be better than taking someone on that say works in a pub or as a nail technician, I think you have to evaluate each case on its own merits and if you are in doubt after all that simply take a guarantor on in addition

thanks for replying and yes indeed that’s what I thought but hoped I could be more sure!

i would like a compulsory passport system in place so the prospective tenant just flashes their electronic passport, there is this system in place yet its not compulsory so we just need to do loads of checking and especially facebook, linked in searches etc.