Wish to pay rent

I had an accom contract for £550/month from Aug 13th 2021 to Feb 13th 2022.
I suffered a failed business in December 2021, and had to leave the property on Dec 8th 2021.
I left it clean and ready to re-let.
However, the landlord is billing me for the two months rent that i would have payed till Feb 13th 2022.
I have just saved this money now. So now i can pay it.
However, i cannot find the landlord to pay them.
The name of the landlord is a business name, which i can find on Companies house, but there are no contact details. There are peoples (directors) names, but no contact details.
Another person, from a different business, has contacted me , demanding the money, but i dont want to pay them , because they were not my landlord.
How can i contact the “Landord business”? The actual one from whom i rented the property?

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how have you paid the rent up to now?

I payed the rent to a Bank account given to me by the letting agent.
I asked (by email) the letting agent how i can pay the 2 months rent, but they arent responding to me.

well it is obvious to me that you pay the rest by the same method , job done !

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Thanks, but that account is “old” and not for this any more.
I dont have the bank account number now anyway.

The actual landlord (in fact its someone who i can see from companies house is actually a fellow director of the landlord), has contacted me and requested i pay two months rent or else they will get the courts involved. They sent no Bank Account details. I have contacted them with the email address that they sent, but they arent responding…they said they will get the courts involved if i dont pay by 31st January 2023…however, i cannot pay them as they havent sent me the Bank details, and wont respond by email to my request for the details.
Do you know what to do?

keep a record of your replies so that if it goes to court you can show you did your best… There is somthing wrong here somewhere… I would respond "you have not given me the bank details despite repeated requests … see you in court " Maybe it is a bluff

Now someone claiming to be one of the directors of my “landlord company” has emailed me the bank account details for me to pay into…but my bank website comes up saying the name of the account “cant be checked”…this is strange because i put in the business name which is that of the landlord.
So i wonder why my bank website doesnt recognise the account…it says, “we cannot check if this account is genuine, it may be a fraudster”.
I wonder if this is someone just trying to con the money for themselves?

Why cant they give me an account name which is recogniseable to my bank?

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