Withdrawal from agreement

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We have paid deposit, one month of rent, and we are due to move in on the 20th this month. We were given the keys 2 days early ( not by our choice ).
After inspecting the property I have noticed very disturbing things (which I have missed initially)
Stained mattresses
Stains on walls
The landlord is not accommodating for any of the issues.
The property is due to be cleaned tomorrow. Only 3 hours by 1 person. Not sufficient in my opinion for 70sqm property.
All that puts me off.

How can I fairly for both side to walk away from this agreement/Tenancy?

Thank you in advance.

Have you signed a contract? Have you moved yourself or any belongings into the property? If either of these are the case then you are probably bound by the terms of the agreement, including rent for all of the initial/fixed term.

How bad is the damp? Can you describe it? To be honest the other things you mention shouldnt be a deal-breaker and could be easily fixed. The landlord must fix any damp problem and if they consistently refuse your written request you can ask the local environmental health officer to come and inspect.

Alternatively you can try to negotiate an exit with the landlord, but I doubt you would walk away cost free.

Thank you for the fast response.
The damp is not much, it is on one of the bathrooms. But all of the fans extractors ( I guess to prevent damp accumulating) are not working.
We have newborn baby and I don’t want it to stay there.
I am not looking for cost free withdrawal, I am writing to pay the rent for 1 month ahead,which I have and perhaps some some other fees.

Ps I don’t think they are willing to change the mattress.


Sure, but you could buy your own mattress. Anyway, let us know the outcome of your request.

in a new place would you not want to buy your own mattress for hygiene reasons. When a new tenant comes to one of my places I fit a new toilet seat for same reason


damp is 9 out of 10 times caused by bad tenants who are lazy to maintain the bathroom and not open the windows to prevent it. So surprising isnt it that it does not happen in home owners because they care for the properties! Landlord is not there to clean and clear the mess all the time during tenancy, over time it can become a bigger problem especially if tenants hide it during inspections.
Mattress is a personal choice, I would not accept if it is stained. But tenants dont understand that they cost a lot and must give it back to the landlord unstained if it was unstained at the start of the tenancy. There is never a perfect home when renting or buying, we have to make it a home. So love and care is needed where ever one goes. I would imagine good mould cleaner will sort the problem.


Absolutely right about damp due to not opening a window or putting the fan on

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When you stay in a hotel have you ever insisted on a new mattress?

As a tenant I have moved in to the odd home with damp issues and I have to agree with the landlords here because once I’ve had a damp issue cleaned up it’s never returned so it’s definitely caused by tenants that have no regard for their home.
You say the damp is not much (if it’s really bad you would have definitely smelt it on inspection so not easy to hide. I’m guessing then that it’s probably in the early stages and kind of looks like a mildew which is very easy to clean up. So get some white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda and use a sponge scourer to put it on to the affected area and leave 10-15 mins then wipe of with a damp tea towel or strong kitchen roll and it will get rid of it all and and makes sure to not put things fully pressed against the walls in future (especially things that would not allow air in) and always open the windows just enough for air to circulate.
NB: NEVER EVER USE BLEACH this only feeds the mould.

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yes never use bleach dettol does a good mould cleaner, I have used it, available everywhere

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