Wrong location on advertisement

I recently put an advert for a property on Open rent and I put the correct street address in , but on the advert the property is located in a different location on Google maps , it shows the property as being a few miles closer to the train station that it actually is .
How can I change the Google males location on my advert ?

Hi Peter,

Looks like you have a couple of adverts with us - so not sure which is causing the issue. But in any case if you log into your account, go to your advert, and then:

  • click “Edit my listing” at the top
  • scroll down to the map where your property has a pin
  • Drag the property marker to the correct location
  • Scroll down and click “Update Listing”

Hope that helps!

Hi, I did previously try that and I wasn’t able to move the property location marker in the map and I just tried again and again wasn’t able to move it .
The proper location marker is permeant and isnt moving (and in the wrong location)

OK understood. If you haven’t done so already, can you contact our customer support team and specify which advert (out of the two you have published) is incorrect, and where the correct location is (link to google maps will work). We can get this fixed, and also look at why the marker isn’t moving for you.