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Yet another raft of legislation protecting tenants and driving another nail into the coffin of private renting

Breathing Space Regulations come into force
today, 4th May. This debt respite scheme will give someone with problem debt (which includes rent arrears) the right to legal protection from their creditors for a defined period of time. This can only be accessed by seeking formal debt advice from a debt advice provider (who are authorised by the FCA) or a Local Authority who provide debt advice.
not sure this link will work but google
Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space) guidance for creditors - GOV.UK

It is not that simple
They will have to be assessed from a mental health point of view
Not every Tom Dick and Harry can use it
There was a webinar by David Smith done on it recently

this was just a re-post i came across of some new legislation that may be of interest to other readers on the forum.
(i don’t believe i said it was simple). will watch your webinar with interest

Thank you.
Trouble is though tenants read these things and believe it is an automatic entitlement. Potentially, a load more correspondence, explanations, arguments and resentments.
Quite a few LL had the same problems when the mortgage ‘holiday’ was announced!

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As LL we are having to keep a constant vigil against tenants “finding” a reason not to pay.This is just another one. I have 7 properties and nobody has not paid, I believe its because I am very choosy who I rent to, if I get a whiff of a bad vibe I run for the hills


Almost the same here. I have 13 & had 1 months missed payment over all of them. But the need to explain that a mortgage holiday isn’t an exemption really was a pain. This new scheme could be a pain or a totally pointless pice of legislation. Time will tell, but I bet there’s a lot of applications. It really is a sneaky way to lay off the problem to landlords by cloaking it in social responsibility. I think it’s time gov had the nuts to just say, they want to drive the PRS out of existence. Its easier to fight an enemy that comes right for you. As it is, they’re waging war through sniper fire.