Zero notice from the neighbours/landlord about the construction next door?

Hope this finds everyone well - we would appreciate any help at this point.

Currently renting a property from a private landlord. At the beginning of this week, we have been awoken by the sounds of scaffolding being put up around our neighbour’s house next door.

After a conversation with our neighbours, they assured us that they have served a notice to our landlord four months ago. The landlord, in turn, claims that the notice did not state the start date of the construction and had no idea.

Due to the COVID-related measures taking place, we heavily rely on being able to work from home (9-6), the time that clashes with the construction work. As there’s been no notice given to us by either of the parties, we won’t be able to make any arrangements and will have to endure two to three works of extremely loud works, including a chimney demolition and an extension construction. This is likely to affect our ability to do work as we participate in video calls and work with sound and video editing equipment. This causes an incredible amount of stress - we won’t even be able to open most of our windows, due to the dust flying in from the construction site.

This situation seems very inconsiderate and the building work is to start on Monday. At this point we would appreciate hearing whether we have any rights as tenants (does this provide a reason for a break clause or rent reduction?) or will we have to, in fact, ‘just endure’.

Many thanks!

I am a builder and Landlord . Notice may well have been given but no start date this is quite common .Next door are in the right to have the work done AT REASONABLE HOURS. Check with local council Public Protection as to what these hours are .EG mon to fri 8to 5… Sat 8 to 12. Sunday none Work is limited in residential areas. As to rent reduction that is up to you and the landlord

Thank you Colin3!

What we find confusing is: weren’t we as tenants supposed to have received a notice as well?

Maybe if not from the neighbours, then from our landlord?

well it would have been a polite thing to do But the owner of the property usually gets the letter addressed to the Landlord at the affected address