Next door building works


Looking for some advice.

We rent a terraced property, and one of the neighbours is abandoned and derelict. The joining wall has cracks and most of the properties in the area dont seem to be built well. Neither us or that property has a drive, and parking in the area is a nightmare (various abandoned cars, and a handful of street parking spaces). There has been a multitude of break ins next door, and the garden boundary/wall is non existent. The property needs demolishing and rebuilding

It recently went up for sale and has now apparently been sold, and we are looking to move at the end of our tenancy (sept/oct). I know it will take some time for the sale to complete etc before anything happens.

My concerns are that when building work starts, not only will it further restrict our parking, but it will also cause the cracks to worsen and further damage in our property, potentially us loosing the wall (yes the property is that bad), let alone all the stress that comes with major building works (dust/noise/vehicles etc)

Do we have any options here? What happens if it all goes wrong and we lose half the building?

Sorry if this seems naive,
Thanks in advance

A party wall agreement is a must. The cost of this is paid for entirely by the neighbour doing the work. Insist on having one in place BEFORE work starts

share your concerns with your local authority planning department and see what they advise