£10 charge for Open Rent collection

Hi all, am about to end a tenancy and start a new one. Open Rent did not charge me for collecting rent before, but the new contract says the rent collection service costs £10 p/m. Can anyone clarify?

Yes, this appears to be be being applied to new rent collection set ups.
It’s up to you if you use it or not.

It’s a bit of a mystery isn’t it… I set up my Tenancy 3 months ago with the Rent Collection feature. But now can’t find any reference on the website to the £10 charge anymore… Is it possible that OpenRent have discontinued this charge? Can anyone from OpenRent help clarify?

OpenRent have been very slightly sneaky about this because there is no mention of it anywhere until you have both signed the contract when utilising Rent Now.
There is still no obligation though, and all of the other great features for the fab price of £49 for tenancy set up are all still intact.


Yes I thought it was less than transparent. I have opted out.

You have the option very clearly. OpenRent will collect for a £10 fee or you have the hassle

I know my choice

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